A small naturally grown olive grove

About us

Mystery Valley gift packsMystery Valley Produce has its home in New Zealand’s sunny Bay of Plenty.

David and Patsy bought their small property in 2006, hoping to live largely on what they could grow and make. It remains a partly realised dream!

We have worked hard.  The olive grove continues to be a work in progress; we have pretty well completed a major 4-year pruning programme and are pleased that our trees appear to be healthier, more manageable and more productive.  Thanks to Olives NZ for continuing guidance.  A good amount of flower seems to be developing again this year, so we hope for another good harvest in 2021.  Our orchard and vegetable gardens also continue to grow vigorously.  We are eating well!  And we have sufficient to share;  hence Mystery Valley Produce.

We want to know that our food is simple and healthy.  All our produce is grown with the application of natural home-produced compost and the minimum application of sprays.  All our products are gluten free.

The fruits in our preserves are grown on our property, or when we do not have sufficient are sourced locally, often from neighbours.  Fruit is used freshly picked, or frozen or dried immediately after picking, for later production.  The preserves are made in small batches and are genuinely “home style”, with no addition of extenders or artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

Mystery Valley Olive Press

In 2014 we took the plunge;  significantly upgraded a shed to make it a fully compliant and registered food production facility, and bought an olive press, an Enorossi Oliomatic 250.

It has been both exciting and fraught to press our own olives and to press for other people – quite a responsibility there!  We owe much gratitude to Bert for his patient advice and to Olives NZ for their pressing courses.

2020 was another big year for the press.  And a successful one.  Each of the oils produced by our press and entered into the Olives NZ 2020 awards received either silver or gold medals.  Which must have led to another completely unexpected award – the Mystery Valley Press was one of three finalists in the Olives NZ 2020 Press Award.  Quite an accolade for this small press, and for David's skills and careful processing.

A big thank you to all the growers who have entrusted their fruit to us.  It gives us a real buzz to get to know you all and to hear your olive stories.  We have learnt a lot.

We are able to offer contract pressing for small commercial producers and hobbyists.  Please contact us for more information.

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